We empower organizations to verify code provenance and secure software supply chains.


🤝 Integrity

We exercise the highest levels of candor, professionalism, and respect.

💡 Ingenuity

We are clever, creative, resourceful, and data-informed to find the best solutions.

🫂 Diversity

We embody and value diversity in thought, culture, personal orientation, and perspectives.

🦾 Accountability

We consistently do the right thing even when it’s difficult and we follow through on our promises, big and small.

🤓 Curiosity

We are inquisitive, intellectually honest, rationally optimistic, and receptive to new ideas and opportunities.

🏀 Camaraderie

We create an atmosphere and culture of teamwork, collaboration, humor, and harmony.

🪄 Craftsmanship

We bring simplicity, design, and engineering discipline to every product, process, and discussion with a focus on creating value for our company and customers.

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About Archipelo

Archipelo is building a code governance platform that gives organizations the ability to verify the authenticity and provenance of code within their software development lifecycle. We are solving a painful problem that affects every software developer on the planet: ensuring software security, authenticity, integrity, and compliance—by providing the context for how the code was created.